8 sentences with 'quit'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quit and other words derived from it.

« I had quit smoking six years ago; I ate and drank in moderation and exercised every day. »
« The techniques used to quit smoking are manifold and the methods are intended to support the will of the smoker. »
« "If I can at least get one student to quit, my day will be well spent," he declares. »
« For her part, Susan Walker quit her job in order to devise programs to alert teenagers to the dangers of reckless driving. »
« Ellen quit smoking. "Since I also got pregnant, I didn't have to work at all," she says. »
« At Christmas 1996, Daniel, now five years old, asked his mother for just one present: to stop smoking. "On 1 January 1997, I gave it to her," she says. "I quit smoking. »
« There are those who want to quit for the sake of their loved ones or themselves, but the addiction defeats them. Others claim to enjoy their cigarettes and don't want to give them up. »
« I think he tried to quit smoking, but, even though he knew his life was at stake, he found it impossible to abstain. Nevertheless, he felt stronger and we got back on track. »

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