6 sentences with 'caution'

Example sentences and phrases with the word caution and other words derived from it.

« A note of caution in discussing this change: iron was very difficult to work compared to bronze, and its use spread slowly. »
« The researchers caution, however, that long-term use of some of these drugs can cause ulcers and kidney damage. »
« Here's how to protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetism and which household appliances should be used with caution. »
« Moreover, if to err is human, any history of error will be a history of man and any history of man will be a history of error. This seems a very sceptical conclusion, but rather than disbelief, it is intended to encourage a certain caution against any science that sells itself as absolute and any charlatan that sells himself as wise. »
« "I realised I had to proceed with caution if I wanted to get such intimate information," Ms. Graff recalls. »
« Be aware of feelings that result in you being taken advantage of, so that when they arise, you know to exercise caution. »

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