6 sentences with 'hammer'

Example sentences and phrases with the word hammer and other words derived from it.

« The real hammer blow of the Diaspora came in the 130s AD, when the Romans destroyed much of Jerusalem and forced almost all the Jews into exile - the word Diaspora itself means "dispersion", and with the destruction of the Jewish kingdom by Rome there would be no Jewish state again until the founding of the modern nation of Israel in 1948 AD. »
« Remove the excess glass with a hammer and then finish removing the glass by hand, wearing gloves. »
« Use a spatula to remove the old putty. If necessary, use a hammer, taking care not to damage the window frame. »
« Lift a small area to check the condition of the bricks with a hammer and a wide chisel. »
« The ritual to invoke the devil described by the Rhineland Inquisitor was narrated by a supposed demoniac, who was subjected to the torture of the hammer. »
« He wasn't the type to call a contractor or an architect, but the type to get a saw and hammer, buy nails, plaster and lumber, and get to work. »
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