5 sentences with 'judged'

Example sentences and phrases with the word judged and other words derived from it.

« There are several stories in which Yahweh judged people, including kings such as David and Solomon, making it clear that all people were known to Yahweh and no one could escape his judgement. »
« When a man reached the age of twenty, assuming he was judged worthy, he was elevated to the rank of "Equal" - a full Spartan citizen - and received a land grant that ensured he could concentrate on military discipline for the rest of his life without having to worry about earning a living. »
« Roman soldiers were subject to brutal discipline, which could go as far as summary execution if they were judged negligent in their duties - one of the worst was falling asleep on guard duty, which was punishable by a beating to death by one's comrades. »
« Nobles had their own courts, were judged by their peers and were treated more humanely than commoners. »
« Nowadays songs are judged by the electronic effects of the recording. When I was young, to tell if a tune was beautiful or not, you had to play it on the piano. »

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