6 sentences with 'judgement'

Example sentences and phrases with the word judgement and other words derived from it.

« There are several stories in which Yahweh judged people, including kings such as David and Solomon, making it clear that all people were known to Yahweh and no one could escape his judgement. »
« In the same way, the Christian idea of final judgement is clearly indebted to that of Zoroaster: a great day of judgement. »
« When it emerged that the letters were forgeries, North called them his "worst error of judgement". »
« The authors of the national Constitution established, in Article 19, the defence of personal liberty, declaring that the private actions of men, as long as they do not harm others, are only reserved to the judgement of God. »
« Alexander Hamilton, who disagreed with President Adams' approach to France, wrote a lengthy letter to his party's people, attacking his fellow Federalist's character and judgement and ridiculing his handling of foreign affairs. The Democratic-Republicans got hold of the letter and gladly reprinted it. »
« His judgement and decisions were considered irreproachable. »

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