Sentences with 'omnipotent'

Example sentences and phrases with the word omnipotent and other words derived from it.

« He was no longer just the god of a single people in a single land, worshipped in a single temple, but became an unlimited, omnipotent and omnipresent God. »
« In contrast to the omnipotent and remote figure of God, medieval Christians saw the saints as beings who cared for individuals and communities and who potentially interceded on behalf of their supplicants. Thus, every town, every city and every kingdom had a patron saint who was believed to advocate on its behalf. »
« In fact, Hume went so far as to suggest that belief in a God who resembled some sort of omnipotent version of a human being, with a personality, intentions and emotions, was simply an expression of primitive ignorance and fear in early human history, as people sought an explanation for a bewildering universe. »

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