7 sentences with 'virtue'

Example sentences and phrases with the word virtue and other words derived from it.

« Cabbage is one of the best ways to prevent cancer, already in imperial Rome it was revered for this virtue. »
« The Iliad and the Odyssey celebrated the arete - a Greek virtue that can be translated into English as "excellence" and "success", but which should be understood as a moral characteristic as much as a physical or mental one. »
« Civic virtue, closely related to the modern concept of patriotism, was the influential power and idea because it would continue throughout the Greek Classical Age, be passed down through the conquests of Alexander the Great, and eventually become one of the most important, if not the only, ethical norms of the Roman Republic and Empire. Ultimately, it would go on to influence thinkers and politicians to the present day. »
« Truth was the cardinal virtue of Zoroastrianism, with falsehood being synonymous with evil. »
« Cynics believed that social conventions were unfortunate by-products of history that distracted people from the true source of virtue and happiness: nature. »
« The Greeks held that the two ways in which a man could overcome his rivals and assert his virtue were battle and public argument and argumentation. »
« The Church tried to encourage feudal lords to live according to Christian virtue, but the fact is that the vocation of the nobility, their very social role, was to fight, and therefore, all too often, "politics" was synonymous with "armed struggle" during the Middle Ages. »

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