6 sentences with 'limitations'

Example sentences and phrases with the word limitations and other words derived from it.

« Throughout the epics, men and women struggle to overcome each other and their own limitations, while facing the limitations imposed by nature, chance and the will of the gods. »
« The irony of Louis Philippe's "July Monarchy" is that it demonstrated some of the limitations of the liberalism of the time. The electorate was very small, composed of the wealthy (both nobles and bourgeois). »
« EU member states agreed on policies aimed at guaranteeing civil rights throughout the Union, as well as economic stipulations (e.g. limitations on national debt) designed to promote general prosperity. »
« Fortunately, the newborn Chelsey didn't seem to be deterred by her physical limitations. Spirited and stubborn, she learned to crawl on her hands and knees. »
« Sooner or later, this blind child would settle for a career commensurate with his limitations. However, this was never mentioned; I received only unanimous and unconditional encouragement from my family. »
« She says: "One of the most pleasing aspects of my job is that when my three children visit Mom in the office, they come to the White House. They will know - really know - that anything is possible. If there are limitations in their lives, they will be self-imposed. »

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