5 sentences with 'patriarchal'

Example sentences and phrases with the word patriarchal and other words derived from it.

« Greek society was explicitly patriarchal, with men occupying all official positions of political power. »
« Although Roman culture was explicitly patriarchal, with families organised under the authority of the eldest male in the household (the paternal families), there is a wealth of textual evidence to suggest that women enjoyed considerable independence nonetheless. »
« Gender roles were not as fixed as in the patriarchal societies of Europe, Mesoamerica and South America. »
« Among white household members, work and daily ritual conformed to rigid gender delineations. Men represented their household in the wider world of politics, business and war. Within the family, the patriarchal male was the ultimate authority. »
« Nor did the slave woman's role as daughter, wife or mother gain any patriarchal protection. Each of these roles and the relationships they defined were subject to the prerogative of the master, who could freely rape enslaved women, sell their children or separate them from their families. »
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