9 sentences with 'through'

Example sentences and phrases with the word through and other words derived from it.

« We went through all the screening measures that patients must go through before leaving the hospital. »
« After flying through a turbulent sky, through rain and sleet, we landed on a waterlogged runway, raising a curtain of water, as if we were in a seaplane. »
« It's like a sleeper through my chest, he thought. »
« In a prison in Afghanistan, he helped me through the toughest ordeal of my life. »
« In the last stretch we crawled through ravines and hid from flares to get through the security fence that the Soviet-backed regime had set up around the city. »
« Over 20 years, Ms. Miller rose through the ranks from assembly line to management at the poultry processing company. »
« The crash sent him flying through the windshield, and he was left lying face down 30 meters from the vehicle. »
« She was a very cautious driver, and rarely went through intersections where there was no traffic light. »
« Doctors said the only hope was to put him through a series of debilitating chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions. »
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