6 sentences with 'jobs'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jobs and other words derived from it.

« If those in treatment abstain from drugs for six months, get jobs or go back to school, and have no more run-ins with the police, their criminal records are forgotten. »
« Many of the tyrants built public works and provided jobs, while others strove to promote trade. »
« The worst jobs for slaves were manual labour, especially in the mines. »
« Roman slaves covered the same range of jobs seen in other slave societies such as the Greeks: elite slaves lived much more comfortably than most free Romans, but most were labourers or domestic servants. »
« Kings could not dismiss their nobles, but they could dismiss their officials. Therefore, this new class of educated bureaucrats had to be good at their jobs, as they had no titles to fall back on. »
« Secondly, French industry had always concentrated on high quality luxury goods, and French craftsmen fiercely resisted the spread of lower quality and less skilled jobs and goods. »
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