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Example sentences and phrases with the word accurate and other words derived from it.

« Similarly, despite the famous and accurate accounts of key battles in which the Spartans were victorious, or at least symbolically victorious, they were loathe to be drawn into wars, especially those that involved more than a few days' march from Sparta. »
« There was an equally strong Jewish intellectual legacy that provided accurate translations from Hebrew and Aramaic into Greek, giving Greek-speaking Christians access to a reliable version of the Old Testament. »
« The various advances that took place in the Abbasid caliphate included: Medicine: much more accurate diagnosis and treatment than existed anywhere else (outside China). »
« In geography and exploration: accurate maps of Asia and East Africa, thanks to the presence of Muslim merchant colonies as far afield as China, along with new navigational technologies such as the astrolabe (a device used to determine latitude while at sea). »
« In recent decades, however, historians have come to recognise that it is probably more accurate and helpful to regard this period of Church history as a Catholic Reformation in itself, the culmination of reformist tendencies that had been present in the Church for centuries before Martin Luther initiated the Protestant break with the Roman Church. »
« After Newton, figures like Aristotle and Ptolemy were increasingly regarded as they are today: important individuals in the history of thought, especially philosophy, but not sources of accurate scientific information. »
« Renaissance artistic techniques made possible precise and accurate anatomical drawings, and printing ensured that works on medicine could be distributed throughout Europe quickly after their initial publication. »
« As early as 1870, three-quarters of British scientists believed the theory of evolution to be accurate, even before the mechanism by which evolution occurred, genetics, was understood. »

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