10 sentences with 'victories'

Example sentences and phrases with the word victories and other words derived from it.

« The Achaemenid dynasty of Persia would rule for approximately two centuries, from the victories of Cyrus in 550 BC until its conquest by Alexander the Great, completed in 330 BC. »
« The last remnants of Persian troops were expelled from the Greek islands in 469 BC, some ten years after the great Greek victories of the Persian War, but Athens refused to allow any of the League members to give it up after the victory. »
« More common was the practice of taking slaves in war, and one of the effects of Greek victories in the Persian War was that thousands of Persian captives were taken as slaves. »
« They shared the wealth distributed after military victories and could play an active role in politics as long as they remained loyal, while those who resisted were eventually crushed and defeated with only their pride to show for it. »
« After his victories, King Pyrrhus made a comment that "one more victory of this kind will undo me", which led to the phrase "Pyrrhic victory", meaning a temporary victory that ultimately means defeat, or winning the battle but losing the war. »
« The Romans wavered in this strategy, suffering the terrible defeat mentioned above in 216 BC, but as Hannibal's victories grew and some cities in Italy and Sicily began to defect to the Carthaginian side, they returned to it. »
« Nevertheless, despite some important Roman victories, the Sassanid state remained stable and the economy prosperous for centuries. »
« English forces tended to be better organised than French forces, so even France's much greater wealth and size prevented great English victories. »
« The most famous of these victories was the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, in which a smaller English force decimated the elite French cavalry through the effective use of longbows, a weapon that could transform an English peasant into something more than a mounted French cavalryman. »
« From 1620 to 1629, Catholic forces won a series of important victories against the Protestants. »

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