7 sentences with 'theological'

Example sentences and phrases with the word theological and other words derived from it.

« Almost all theological details about Zoroastrianism are known from much later periods of Persian history, although historians have established that the Persian rulers themselves were almost certainly Zoroastrian by the rule of Darius I. »
« Jesus showed an aptitude for theological and spiritual understanding at an early age, debating Jewish doctrine with learned Jewish priests while still a child. »
« Most church leaders saw no theological problem with this practice, arguing that the ultimate goal was the salvation of souls through conversion, so it made perfect sense to use existing holy days and rituals to ease the transition of new converts to Christianity. »
« Members of other monotheistic religions who chose not to convert were often much freer to practice their religions than they would have been in Christian lands, because the Umayyads simply did not care about theological disagreements between their Jewish and Christian subjects as long as taxes were paid. »
« Thus, some of the caretakers of Christian belief in medieval society often had a very superficial understanding of what that theological belief was supposed to consist of. »
« By the time Gobineau was an adult, earlier versions of conservatism seemed increasingly outdated, especially de Maistre's theological claims about original sin. »
« Thus Gobineau represents a transition in 19th century conservatism away from the theological and traditional justifications of social hierarchy of a De Maistre or Burke and towards pseudo-scientific claims about the supposed biological superiority of some people over others. »

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