6 sentences with 'vowed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vowed and other words derived from it.

« When the Greek cities of Ionia rose up against Persian rule, Darius I vowed to make an example not only of them, but of the Greek polis that had helped them, including Athens. This led to the Persian War, one of the most famous conflicts in ancient history. »
« They were defeated by loyalist forces in 1653, but the uprisings made a deep impression on the young king, who vowed to bring the nobles into line. »
« Germany, believing that its own military and industrial resources were such that it would be the victor in a war against France and Russia, vowed to stand by Austria no matter what. »
« The mother said a silent prayer for courage and strength. Then she vowed that justice would be done. »
« In Boston, Thomas Hutchinson, now royal governor of Massachusetts, vowed that radicals like Samuel Adams would not prevent the ships from unloading their cargo. »
« John C. Calhoun called the whole affair a "corrupt racket". Jackson's supporters everywhere vowed revenge for the anti-majoritarian outcome of 1824. »

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