Sentences with 'questionable'

Example sentences and phrases with the word questionable and other words derived from it.

« There is also a questionable statistic from Greek sources that it was more than that - up to 60 Persians killed in battle per Athenian. »
« Even for scholars who respected and deferred to the ancient authors, much of ancient astronomy was based on some rather questionable speculations, such as the idea that the Earth sits on top of a giant sea that occasionally churns, causing earthquakes. »
« However, not all theories to explain behaviour were so morally and scientifically questionable. »
« It is questionable whether the ancient pipe had medicinal virtues, whether it could produce drunkenness or ecstasy, or whether it had a function in religious ceremonies. But other discoveries may change these interpretations: the remains of opium plantations and a number of small vessels intended to contain the drug. »

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