8 sentences with 'voted'

Example sentences and phrases with the word voted and other words derived from it.

« The assembly also voted every year to appoint ten generals, who were in charge of both the armed forces and foreign affairs. »
« The Centurial Assembly voted for consuls each year, declared war and peace, and acted as a court of appeal in legal cases involving the death penalty. It could also propose legislation, but the Senate had to approve it for it to become law. »
« The Centenary Assembly voted to intensify the Roman military engagement as its members wanted potential riches to be won in war. »
« Despite that disaster, after Augustus' death the Senate voted to deify him: like his great-uncle Julius, he was now to be worshipped as a god. »
« In Florence citizens voted on laws and served in official positions for fixed terms, with powerful families dominating the system. »
« On 4 August 1789 the National Assembly voted to end feudal privileges (the rights of landowners to coerce the peasantry to work and pay various kinds of fees), on 14 August it abolished the sale of offices, and on 26 August it issued a Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, modelled in part on the US Bill of Rights. »
« Having already lost control, the Assembly finally voted to abolish slavery altogether in February 1794. Thus, unlike the cases of Protestant and Jewish emancipation, racial equality was only "granted" by the Assembly because it could not be maintained by force. »
« Yet each emperor ruled over an "empire" profoundly different from that of his predecessors, in which (even in Russia in 1905) at least some men voted for representatives with real political power. »

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