10 sentences with 'three'

Example sentences and phrases with the word three and other words derived from it.

« After three weeks the catheter would be removed. »
« In order to compensate for the loss, three thick intravenous tubes infused him with almost four liters of serum. »
« In Malaysia, citizens dream of the three C's: cars, condos and credit. »
« All three countries adopted similar economic guidelines: low personal taxes and incentives for private initiative. »
« Now, three years later, I look at the mountains of Afghanistan from the plane. »
« I don't know what to do for the three hours I have to wait, so I go to a mosque. »
« He had only been at liberty for three weeks and had gone to the Red Cross for help. »
« Within three months she finished the job, and the clients loved it. Ms. Griebel was soon promoted to assistant manager of her department. »
« Today, after three other promotions, she is the assistant manager of human resources at a subsidiary of the company. »
« At Memorial Park Cemetery near Hutchinson, Kansas, three graves beckon with colorful decorations. »
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