6 sentences with 'versus'

Example sentences and phrases with the word versus and other words derived from it.

« By then, the war was on: homeopathic medicine versus allopathic medicine. The confrontation between the two disciplines continues to this day. »
« and the legend of the flood (described in the first book of the Bible, Genesis) is taken directly from the Epic of Gilgamesh, although the motivation of the Mesopotamian gods versus Yahweh in those two stories is very different: the Mesopotamian gods are cruel and capricious, while Yahweh's flood is sent as punishment for the sins of mankind. »
« In Greek culture there was no concept of 'heterosexual' versus 'homosexual'; sexual attraction was assumed to exist, potentially, between men as well as between men and women, although bisexuality seems to have been more common among men in the higher social ranks. »
« The irony of these struggles over Christian doctrine versus ancient learning was that the issue was decided by the collapse of Rome. »
« The irony of the Crusades in the Holy Land is that the vast majority of people living in the Middle East did not think of politics in terms of Muslim versus Christian (or Jewish) identity. »
« Abdulhamit strongly emphasised the empire's Muslim identity, inviting conservative Sunni clerics from across the Islamic world to settle in the empire and playing up the Christian versus Muslim aspect of European aggression. In the process, he moved the empire away from its traditional identity as religiously diverse and tolerant. »

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