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« If Greek society was nothing like today's concepts of justice or equality, what was it that led to this era being considered "classical"? The answer is that it was during the Classical Age that the Greeks reached some of their greatest intellectual and cultural achievements. »
« In addition, the Romans established the Law of Nations to govern the territories it began to conquer in Italy; it was an early form of international law based on what were believed to be universal rules of justice. »
« These more radical elements were eventually defeated by the army, but the language they used to speak of justice and good governance survived to inspire later debates, ultimately informing the concept of modern democracy itself. »
« Pascal applied a similarly sceptical view to the existing governments of his time. He noted that "We see neither justice nor injustice that does not change its nature with the change of climate. Three degrees of latitude reverse all jurisprudence; a meridian decides the truth. Fundamental laws change after a few years of possession? A strange justice that is limited by a river! Truth on this side of the Pyrenees, error on the other side". »
« For example, when the French Revolution began in the late 1780s, a whole generation of men and women were able to express shared ideas about justice and politics in the official French language. »
« Although he was a tireless advocate of reason and justice, it is also important to note the ambiguities of Voltaire's philosophy. »
« In turn, a number of monarchs and nobles were attracted by Enlightenment thought. They came to believe in many cases in the essential justice of the philosophers' arguments and saw nothing contradictory between the exercise of their power and the ideas of the Enlightenment. »
« In historical retrospect, the paradox of a "communist" country that failed so profoundly to achieve its stated goals of freedom, equality and justice has led many people (not just historians) to speculate about what was inherently flawed with the Soviet system. There are many theories, three of which are discussed below. »

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