12 sentences with 'you'

Example sentences and phrases with the word you and other words derived from it.

« Of course, you should see your urologist again. »
« -If you were my brother, I would tell you to have it done right now. »
« -Only if the cancer has spread? The situation is not that serious if you look at the numbers. »
« "There, you are alone, except for the odd animal wandering through the bushes and thousands and thousands of birds," Carlos says enthusiastically. »
« Then I spoke to Jim. -Are you in pain? -I asked him. »
« You don't have much time left, do you, Jim? »
« -What colleges have you looked at? -he wanted to know. »
« "From time to time you will hear adults ask: Couldn't the leopard change his spots?" »
« -I'm taking you to the hospital! -Travis said, trying to look composed, and led him to the truck. »
« -I'm sorry, but you have to leave," she said. »
« -Aren't you going to put me to sleep first? -asked Mike, frightened. »
« You have to do what you think is right. »
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