10 sentences with 'achievement'

Example sentences and phrases with the word achievement and other words derived from it.

« Although opinions will vary, perhaps the most memorable achievement of the Classical Age was in philosophy, primarily through the thought of the most important Greek philosophers of all time: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. »
« Perhaps the greatest achievement of Greek thought was philosophy. »
« The Sophists had no shared philosophical doctrine other than this idea that truth was relative and that the focus of life should be on individual achievement. »
« Perhaps the most memorable achievement of scholarship during the period was the institutional form it took in the Library of Alexandria and its associated Museum, often regarded as the first research university in the western world. »
« Europe began a long period of transformation and growth from around 1000 CE that resulted in significant economic expansion, population growth and cultural achievement. »
« In turn, patrons expected "their" artists to serve as symbols of cultural achievement that reflected well on the patron. »
« Renaissance humanists sought to celebrate the beauty of the human body in their art, of the human mind and human achievement in their scholarship, and of human society in the elegance of its architectural design. »
« While the dome is usually considered Brunelleschi's greatest achievement, he was also the (re-)inventor of one of the most important artistic concepts in history: linear perspective. »
« The greatest achievement of the Italian Renaissance, despite the greater importance given to Renaissance art, was probably humanistic education. »
« Women were not, supposedly, biologically capable of political participation or intellectual achievement. »

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