7 sentences with 'engagement'

Example sentences and phrases with the word engagement and other words derived from it.

« His girlfriend broke off the engagement because she resented his spending so much time at work. »
« The Classical Age saw the full flowering of Greek engagement with such ethical questions. »
« The Centenary Assembly voted to intensify the Roman military engagement as its members wanted potential riches to be won in war. »
« Russia's transformation and engagement with the rest of Europe began in earnest under Tsar Peter I (the Great), r. 1682 - 1725. »
« As it turned out, they didn't have to wait long to set in motion the military engagement of the Holy Alliance. The first liberal revolt against a conservative monarch occurred immediately after the Congress of Vienna in what had traditionally been one of the most conservative states in Europe: Spain. »
« The French forces were poorly led and could not cope with Prussian training and tactics, so the Prussians won every major engagement. »
« My boyfriend was sent on a Coast Guard basic training course shortly after our engagement, so I visited him when he was granted his first leave. »

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