6 sentences with 'histories'

Example sentences and phrases with the word histories and other words derived from it.

« In addition to the explorers' accounts, Greeks in Hellenistic lands enjoyed stories and histories of foreign lands written by the natives of those lands. »
« The major histories of Mesopotamia, Persia and Egypt were written during the Hellenistic period and translated into Greek. »
« This mix of cultures, Etruscan, Greek and Latin, included shared mythologies and histories. »
« Claudius was also a scholar, mastering the Etruscan and Punic languages and writing histories of those two civilisations (the histories are now lost, unfortunately). »
« The invaded countries turned the French democratic principle of self-determination into a sacred right to defend their own national identities, shaped by their own particular histories, against the universalist pretensions of the French. »
« In many ways, the histories of Britain and Russia were always exceptional in the context of 19th century European politics. Neither suffered revolutionary upheavals, and neither had much difficulty suppressing nationalist movements within their respective empires. »

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