10 sentences with «years»

« Some men took two years to regain it. »
« With 39 years of teaching experience, Harold Tinker has come to the conclusion that the highest achieving students are almost never the brightest. »
« The man was 85 years old, and determined to start over. »
« Over the next few years I visited him wherever he was living, and many times in airports in the course of his trips to the Far East and the South Pacific. »
« For Michener, then 40 years old, this marked a new beginning, the start of a spectacular career. »
« Twenty-one years earlier, in the summer of 1897, Kipling's wife Carrie bore him their third child. »
« Before he was six years old, he and his younger sister, Trix, were sent to England to attend school. »
« In the early years of the twentieth century, Kipling made many warnings of the danger of war with Germany, and insisted that compulsory military service should be instituted. »
« Three years and several strokes later, she passed away. »
« "A few years ago, only in Hong Kong and Singapore was there middle class. That's no longer the case." »

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