10 sentences with 'years'

Example sentences and phrases with the word years and other words derived from it.

« Some men took two years to regain it. »
« With 39 years of teaching experience, Harold Tinker has come to the conclusion that the highest achieving students are almost never the brightest. »
« Prof. Dr. Goldzihier, from the University of Houston (Texas, USA), after 30 years of research on women taking contraceptives, assured that these, practically, do not provoke organic alterations and that they maintain an efficacy close to 100%. »
« The man was 85 years old, and determined to start over. »
« Over the next few years I visited him wherever he was living, and many times in airports in the course of his trips to the Far East and the South Pacific. »
« For Michener, then 40 years old, this marked a new beginning, the start of a spectacular career. »
« Twenty-one years earlier, in the summer of 1897, Kipling's wife Carrie bore him their third child. »
« Before he was six years old, he and his younger sister, Trix, were sent to England to attend school. »
« In the early years of the twentieth century, Kipling made many warnings of the danger of war with Germany, and insisted that compulsory military service should be instituted. »
« Three years and several strokes later, she passed away. »

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