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Example sentences and phrases with the word calculations and other words derived from it.

« Hellenistic astronomers also refined calculations associated with the size of the Earth; an astronomer named Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth to be only 200 miles away. »
« Copernicus retained the idea of the crystal spheres, and also used Ptolemy's calculations in his own work, but his was nevertheless the first work to propose the concept of a heliocentric universe. »
« This was not a grand and sinister master plan, but a series of pragmatic political calculations, usually directed by senior royal officials rather than the kings themselves. »
« In 1970, researchers made the first detailed mathematical calculations of flock aerodynamics; they estimated that a bird can fly up to 70 per cent further if it joins a V-formation and is positioned in the updrafts generated by the wings of its neighbours. »
« -The quantity you speak of is not correct," he said, objecting to one of Professor Hoyle's mathematical calculations. »
« While Hawking and Penrose were working on their calculations, other cosmologists were making important progress in their own research. »
« Because at this stage of his illness he could no longer use pen and paper or a typewriter, he had to perform even the longest calculations without making a single note - a feat, as one of his collaborators put it, "comparable to that of Mozart, who could compose a whole symphony and hold it in his mind before putting it on the score". »
« Three thousand years have passed since these people died, yet Professor Andronik Yagarian has been able to patiently reconstruct the features of the skeletons. Mathematical calculations based on thousands of formulas, incomparably accurate fluoroscopy and endless tests were the conditions for success. »

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