8 sentences with 'killing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word killing and other words derived from it.

« Drift nets are a rapacious and unselective method of killing life in the seas. »
« Philip II began a campaign throughout Macedonia and the surrounding areas to the north, defeating and usually killing his rival nobles as well as hostile tribes. »
« They then fought each other, with Romulus killing Remus and founding the city of Rome. »
« Over the next two years, he crushed every Roman army sent against him, killing tens of thousands of Roman soldiers and marching dangerously close to Rome. »
« Marius quickly attacked with his own army, taking Rome and killing several of Lucius Cornelius Sulla's supporters. »
« The Narodnik group was disappointed to form Narodnaya Volia (the People's Will), and in March 1881 they succeeded in killing Tsar Alexander II. »
« The ensuing Russian civil war was brutal, eventually killing around ten million people (mostly civilians who were massacred or starved to death), and lasted four years. In the end, however, the Bolsheviks prevailed in Russia itself, Ukraine and Central Asia. »
« As German armies advanced into Soviet territory, they were followed by four teams of Einsatzgruppen - mobile killing squads - tasked with killing "Jews, Gypsies and the disabled". The Einsatzgruppen's technique for murdering their victims was to march the Jews into the woods or camps and systematically shoot them. »

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