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Example sentences and phrases with the word judicial and other words derived from it.

« The plebeians were concerned that judicial decisions should always favour the patricians, who had a monopoly on judicial proceedings, so they insisted that laws be written and made available to the public. »
« The government of the late Roman Republic still took the form of the Plebeian Assembly, the Centenary Assembly, the Senate, ten tribunes, two consuls and a judicial system under formal rules of law. »
« Among other things, he argued that rich and poor should be accountable to the same laws, that the aim of the judicial system should be both to prevent future crimes and to punish past ones, and that torture was both barbaric and counterproductive. »
« Details of some cases were also known to senior German government officials even before judicial investigations began. »
« The magazine's inside pages told readers that Coleman was the "victim of a judicial system so intent on dumbing down its procedures that whether or not he murdered Wanda McCoy has become a secondary consideration". »
« The Royal Court of Buenos Aires was a judicial court of second instance for civil and criminal cases. Its members were called oidores because they heard each other's assertions before passing sentence. »
« The Consulate of Buenos Aires was created in 1794 to be a judicial tribunal in lawsuits between merchants. In addition to this function, it had the task of promoting trade. »
« Although the process began earlier, the consolidation of the provinces took place around 1820, the year in which the national government disappeared. The provinces gradually gave themselves their own government, which was divided into legislative, executive and judicial powers. »

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