7 sentences with 'mere'

Example sentences and phrases with the word mere and other words derived from it.

« And no matter how much time had hardened the tycoon, the mere mention of his mother never failed to evoke in his hard features something close to tenderness. »
« That is why the sexual relationship, focused on its physical objective, i.e., mere carnal intercourse, causes such serious problems. »
« The mere fact that the Greeks had not been able to forge an empire except during the brief period of Alexander's conquests seemed to the Romans to be proof that they did not possess an equivalent degree of virtue. »
« Nero also ordered supposed rivals and former advisors to commit suicide, probably out of mere jealousy. »
« In later centuries, the mere fact that the early popes claimed such authority, and that some bishops acknowledged it, was cited as "proof" that the Roman papacy had always been the supreme doctrinal power in the Church as a whole. »
« The entire Roman world was shocked and horrified that mere barbarians could have overwhelmed the Roman armies and struck at the heart of the ancient Empire. »
« In the end, a biography of Michelangelo written by a friend helped to cement the idea that there was an important distinction between mere craftsmen and true artists, the latter temperamental and mercurial but possessed of genius. Thus the whole idea of the artist as an ingenious social outsider derives in part from Michelangelo's life. »

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