6 sentences with 'nature'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nature and other words derived from it.

« A storyteller by nature, he had the ability to put my difficulties in perspective. »
« They had wished they had more children, but nature did not indulge them, so their life always revolved around their only son Greg. »
« These risks are inherent in the nature of the operations Dr. Epstein performs. »
« The forces of nature lashed the island for six years, filling the sky with ash and smoke. »
« The most ancient Chinese authors held that each of the five elements of nature - fire, wood, metal, earth and water - had a direct influence on their surroundings and adjusted their lives to the universal laws. »
« Water, the blood of nature as Leonardo da Vinci called it, has healing properties that are the basis of hydrotherapy, a discipline practised by most ancient civilisations. »

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