7 sentences with 'undermine'

Example sentences and phrases with the word undermine and other words derived from it.

« Also, the long-term effect of the growth of slavery in Rome was to undermine the social status of free Roman citizens, with farmers in particular struggling to survive while wealthy Romans bought up land and built huge slave plantations. »
« Elizabeth I died without an heir (she had never married, rightly recognising that marriage would undermine her own authority), so her successor was from the Scottish royal house of the Stuarts, fellow royals related to the Tudors. »
« In the most shocking development to undermine the coherence and stability of the European Union as a whole, Britain narrowly voted to leave the Union altogether in 2016. »
« However, the pamphlets warned readers to be ever vigilant and alert to attacks on that liberty. Indeed, Cato's Letters suggested that there were constant efforts to undermine and destroy it. »
« Many of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention had serious reservations about democracy, which they believed promoted anarchy. To allay these fears, the Constitution tempered the democratic tendencies that seemed to undermine the republic. »
« The Antifederalists argued that wealthy aristocrats would run the new national government and that the elite would not represent ordinary citizens; the wealthy would monopolise power and use the new government to formulate policies that benefited their class, which would also undermine local state elites. They also argued that the Constitution did not contain a bill of rights. »
« In their strident attacks on newspapers, they also worked to undermine traditional forms of deference and subservience to aristocrats, in this case Federalist elites. Some members of Northern Democratic-Republican clubs also denounced slavery. »
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