Sentences with «veterans»

« Julius Caesar filled the Senate with his supporters and established military colonies in the lands he had conquered as a reward for his loyal troops (who became guarantors of Roman power in those lands, as the veterans and their families would now live there permanently). »
« Italian fascism was an invention of Italian army veterans. Foremost among them was Benito Mussolini, a combat veteran who had welcomed the war as an opportunity to cleanse and invigorate Italy to grow into a more powerful nation. He was deeply disappointed by its lacklustre consequences. »
« Unlike most veterans of the war, Hitler experienced combat and trench service as exhilarating and satisfying, and had no compassion; later, during World War II, he shocked his own generals by his callousness in expending German lives to achieve symbolic military objectives. »
« After the war, Hitler was sent by the army to the southern German city of Munich, which was filled with angry, disenchanted army veterans like himself. His mission was to investigate a small right-wing group, the German Workers' Party. »

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