6 sentences with «younger»

« For almost a century, the emperors appointed their own successors from among the most competent members of the younger generation of Roman elites. Not least because none of them (except the last, with disastrous consequences) had outlived their direct heirs, each emperor would adopt a younger man as his son, thus ensuring his succession. »
« Women almost always married younger than men, which meant that there were a large number of widows in medieval society who generally retained control of their property. »
« Jean Calvin was a generation younger than Luther and was therefore born into a world in which religious unity was already fragmented; in that sense, the fact that he held Protestant views is not as surprising as Luther's break with the Church was. »
« Charles died in 1574 of illness, leaving his younger brother Henry as the last male member of his family line available for the throne. »
« His ideas, along with those of David Ricardo, an English economist of a younger generation than Smith, are usually considered the founding concepts of "classical" economics. »
« Charles V handed over his Spanish possessions to his son and his Holy Roman possessions to his younger brother. »

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