6 sentences with 'virtually'

Example sentences and phrases with the word virtually and other words derived from it.

« It became clear during his reign that the emperor's authority was virtually unlimited, as both emperors issued imperial proclamations known as "rescripts" while outside Rome that carried the force of law. »
« Outside the monasteries, churches were built in virtually every town and village (and many small towns) in the Roman sphere of influence. »
« While most political marriages in Byzantium, as in virtually all pre-modern societies, had nothing to do with love or even attraction, Theodora and Justinian clearly shared both genuine affection for each other and intellectual kinship. »
« In many cases, towns were virtually politically independent, although they usually had to recognise the general authority of the king or local lord. »
« By the late 1400s virtually every royal court in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa had a Venetian ambassador in residence. »
« From 1438 onwards, the rich and powerful Austrian Habsburg family was able to secure the title and make it virtually hereditary because they were always able to offer the highest bribes to the electors. »

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