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Example sentences and phrases with the word membership and other words derived from it.

« Likewise, early Christians were divided as to whether all could be Christians, or instead, whether membership was limited to Jews. »
« What almost all Europeans ended up sharing was membership of the Latin Church (a note on nomenclature: for the sake of clarity, this chapter will use the term "Latin" rather than "Catholic" to describe the Western Church based in Rome during this period, because both the Western and Eastern "Orthodox" Churches claimed to be equally "Catholic": universal). As an institution, it alone was capable of preserving at least part of the legacy of ancient Rome. »
« Also, governance was closely linked to clan membership, as each king was the head of the most powerful clan and not an elected official or even necessarily a hereditary monarchy that transcended clan lines. »
« Subsequent reforms were both to impose new internal discipline and to make membership attractive to lay Catholics. »
« The European Community officially became the European Union in 1993, and several member countries of the old European Community voted (sometimes barely) in favour of membership in the following years. »
« Following the rule of primogeniture, the eldest children of members inherited their parents' membership. The society still exists today and retains the motto Omnia relinquit servare rempublicam ("He gave up everything to save the Republic"). »
« Under the leadership of Martin Van Buren, New York's Republican "Bucktail" faction (so called because its members wore a deer's tail on their hats, a symbol of membership in the Tammany Society) gained political power by cultivating loyalty to the will of the majority, not to an elite family or a figure of renown. »

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