6 sentences with 'pale'

Example sentences and phrases with the word pale and other words derived from it.

« They were a very unpleasant pale green. »
« The casualty's pale, sweaty appearance and diminished vital signs indicated a very severe concussion. »
« In the light of the night lamp, I saw that he was pale. »
« After half an hour, Olsen asked Roberts to stop at a cafĂ©. Waiting inside were Grytdal and Ulving, who looked pale and uneasy. »
« Before the Sun sets, Saturn's rings form a pale rainbow arching high into the sky. But with light and shadow, the spectacle is ever-changing. »
« Helium 3 has been discovered on the pale lunar surface, a gas that is an energy panacea: with it, it will be possible to electrify future lunar bases and also the Earth without producing acid rain, the greenhouse effect or solid waste. »
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