8 sentences with 'believers'

Example sentences and phrases with the word believers and other words derived from it.

« It took about a century for believers in the old Roman gods, especially Rome's conservative aristocracy, to give up the fight. »
« Frankly, there is no doubt that thousands of believers treated the icons as idols, as objects with power for themselves, as relics. »
« In turn, a central concept of Islam is that of the worldwide community of Muslims, the Ummah, meaning "community of believers". »
« Doctrinal differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims further divided the Muslim ummah (community of believers). »
« Without the Church, without the sacraments it alone could offer, without the prayers of monks and nuns for the souls of believers, and without its assurance of an afterlife, medieval Christians were certain that their eternal souls were condemned to hell. »
« The inherent problem facing believers in any religion based on a single major text is to figure out what that text fundamentally means. »
« The reason Britain was by far the leading industrial power is that its parliament was full of believers in the principles of free trade, which meant that commercial enterprises were not hindered by archaic restrictions or cultural prejudices. »
« But how then do we explain miracles? According to many believers, they are divine acts that generally occur in answer to their prayers. »

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