7 sentences with 'quell'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quell and other words derived from it.

« However, this concept did not quell the controversy at all, because it created a distinct position with which people could disagree - rival groups of Christians came to refer to their enemies as "heretics", from the word "heresy", which simply means "choice". »
« While Britain was happy with any political arrangement that would prevent a disruption like the Napoleonic Wars from happening again, the more conservative states were not: led by the Russian Tsar Alexander I, Russia, Austria, Prussia and France (the latter under its new Bourbon monarch Louis XVIII) united in a 'Holy Alliance' that promised to quell revolutions wherever they occurred. »
« Ferdinand was able to force Spain back to the old order, but proved unable to quell independence movements in Spain's American colonies. »
« The key moment, as had been the case in revolutions since 1789, was when the army refused to quell the uprisings and joined them. The Duma (Russian representative assembly) demanded that the Tsar step aside and hand over control of the army. »
« The Massachusetts Circular caught the attention of Parliament, and in 1768, Lord Hillsborough sent four thousand British troops to Boston to deal with unrest and quell any possible rebellion there. »
« In Virginia, the royal governor, Lord Dunmore, raised Loyalist forces to fight the rebellious colonists and also tried to use the large slave population to quell the rebellion. »
« As many as 19,000 colonists served the British in the effort to quell the rebellion, and after the Revolution, as many as 100,000 colonists left, moving to England or north to Canada rather than staying in the new United States. »
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