6 sentences with 'volcanic'

Example sentences and phrases with the word volcanic and other words derived from it.

« In 1974, the area where the most violent volcanic eruptions occurred was declared Timanfaya National Park. »
« Çatal Höyük was built on a site that had a large deposit of obsidian (also called volcanic glass). »
« A few years earlier, in 536, a major volcanic eruption in Iceland threw so much debris into the air that Europe's climate cooled considerably with "years without summer", which also severely damaged the economy. »
« At the centre of Mecca was a shrine, called the Kaaba, built around a piece of volcanic rock revered as a sacred object in various Arab faiths, and Mecca was an important place of pilgrimage for Arabs long before Islam. »
« But why so much volcanic activity on Jupiter's satellite? It is thought to be because the satellite's orbital position is so close to Jupiter: just 421,800 kilometres, only 40,225 kilometres more than the distance from the Earth to the Moon. »
« A large city dating back to the middle of the 2nd century BC was found, which was buried by a sudden volcanic eruption and remained for centuries under a thick layer of solidified ash. »

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