6 sentences with 'lesson'

Example sentences and phrases with the word lesson and other words derived from it.

« -It was a lesson," Margaret said, "Do something new every day, no matter how small. »
« At the end of each lesson I would sit with the dog under an oak tree and talk to him. I'd explain what he was supposed to know, and sometimes I'd talk about me. »
« For example, if you've made it through your squash lesson alive, now relax in the club's sauna. »
« The most important lesson German strategists had learned from World War I was how to overcome trench warfare. After years of stalemate, Germany had managed to break through the French and British lines on the western front right at the end of the first war, before they were pushed back by the onslaught of American troops. »
« American sportscaster Pat O'Brien once learned a valuable lesson in honour and public relations from a friend of his, baseball legend Reggie Jackson. »
« After a month we started dating again, but I had learned my lesson: I stopped gawking at her and, when I was with her, I could be so indifferent and aloof. »

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