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Example sentences and phrases with the word vernacular and other words derived from it.

« Greek was still the language of the state and the language of the elites, the Persian trade language of Aramaic was still used in most lands, and a host of local languages then existed as the vernacular. »
« One change that was to last to the present day was linguistic. Unlike the Greek case during the Hellenistic period, Arabic was to replace the vernacular of the conquered land during the Arab conquests. »
« The only exceptions were Persian, which would eventually become the modern language of Farsi (the vernacular of the present-day country of Iran), and Spain, where Arabic and Spanish coexisted until the Christian kingdoms reconquered Spain many centuries later. »
« Latin went from being the vernacular of the Roman Empire to being, instead, the language of the educated elite throughout Europe. »
« Expressed in both Arabic and 'New Persian', Persian (the vernacular of Iran, which is the same as that of Persia) written in Arabic script, scholarship in fields as diverse as theology and astronomy was supported by numerous sultans. »
« All Church services were conducted in Latin, and yet some priests understood Latin only poorly, if at all (it had long since disappeared as a vernacular in Europe). »
« The long, slow shift from a vast panoply of vernacular dialects across Europe to a set of accepted and official languages was impossible without the printing press. »
« Erasmus became completely fluent not only in classical and medieval Latin, but also in New Testament Greek (i.e. most of the earliest New Testament versions of the Bible are written in the vernacular Greek of the first century AD). »
« He was also an advocate of translations of the Bible into vernacular languages, although he himself did not produce such a translation. »
« He also imposed the Church's position that the Bible should not be translated into vernacular languages but should remain in Latin, an explicit rejection of the Protestant practice of translating the Bible into the everyday language for Christians to read and interpret for themselves. »

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