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« In geography and exploration: accurate maps of Asia and East Africa, thanks to the presence of Muslim merchant colonies as far afield as China, along with new navigational technologies such as the astrolabe (a device used to determine latitude while at sea). »
« Italy was at the centre of the lucrative trade between Europe and the Middle East, a status determined both by its geography and the role Italians had played in the transport of goods and people during the Crusader period. »
« Until about 1400, Europeans did not have ships capable of sailing an entire ocean (Viking longboats of the Middle Ages were an exception, but they were no longer in use by the time of the Renaissance), and European understanding of geography and navigation was extremely primitive. »
« Despite these advances, European understanding of geography remained very shaky. From 1400 onwards, Europeans had a terribly inaccurate knowledge of the rest of the world. Of course, they knew nothing about the Americas. »
« Columbus himself had completely inaccurate beliefs about the distance between Europe and Asia - he based his geography on an ancient (and completely inaccurate) account by the Greek philosopher Ptolemy and thought that Asia was not far west of Europe. »
« The African continent was largely impenetrable to Europeans because of its geography: there were few ports for ships, the interior of the continent had no navigable rivers under sail and, most importantly, there were numerous lethal diseases (especially a particularly virulent form of malaria) to which Europeans had little resistance. »
« Percentage of adolescents in the world not reached by leading soft drinks due to geography: 3.5 per cent. »
« Finally, Jefferson, who had a keen interest in science and nature, ordered Lewis and Clark to take extensive notes on the geography, plant life, animals and natural resources of the region to which they were to travel. »

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