6 sentences with 'keen'

Example sentences and phrases with the word keen and other words derived from it.

« Pope Gregory still considered Rome to be part of the Byzantine Empire, but by then Byzantium could not afford troops to help defend the city of Rome, and was keen to develop papal independence. »
« Napoleon was not only a brilliant general, but also a serious politician with a keen mind for how government needed to be reformed for greater efficiency. »
« I would be a little less close to my first daughter. Since my husband and I both worked, we were very keen to spend every spare minute with her. Now she can't entertain herself," says one mother of an eight-year-old girl. »
« The Great Khan noticed Marco Polo's keen intelligence and entrusted him with a job in the tax administration. »
« He had a clear, logical mind, a keen aesthetic sense and a real love of detail. »
« Finally, Jefferson, who had a keen interest in science and nature, ordered Lewis and Clark to take extensive notes on the geography, plant life, animals and natural resources of the region to which they were to travel. »
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