5 sentences with 'queens'

Example sentences and phrases with the word queens and other words derived from it.

« The pharaohs of the New Kingdom communicated with the kings and queens of the Hittite Empire and the rulers of the Kassites and Assyrians; it was normal for rulers to refer to each other as 'brother' or 'sister'. »
« At this time kings and queens expected respect and deference, but conspicuously absent was any appeal to what was later called the "Divine Right" of monarchs to rule. »
« Even queens tended to have limited access to genuine political power, serving as "queen consorts", wives of kings, and the latter possessed complete political control, much more often than "pregnant queens", rulers in their own right who could share power with their royal spouse. »
« The conclusion is that English kings or queens could not force legislators to grant them taxes without having to beg, plead, cajole and bargain. »
« Hardly any Enlightenment thinkers openly rejected monarchy as a form of government - indeed, some Enlightenment thinkers befriended powerful kings and queens - but they roundly condemned cruelty and selfishness among individual monarchs. »

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