7 sentences with «knights»

« Urban II spoke of the alleged atrocities committed by the Turks, the wealth of the lands that European knights could hope to seize, and the justice of the cause of helping fellow Christians. »
« The idea was so appealing that not only knights but thousands of commoners responded, forming a "people's crusade" that marched towards Jerusalem, for the most part without weapons, armour or adequate supplies. »
« By 1099, the Crusaders had captured Jerusalem and much of the Levant, forming a series of Christian territories in the heart of the Holy Land. These were called the Latin Principalities, kingdoms ruled by European knights. »
« English kings and knights kept the war going because it was a way to enrich themselves - they would arrive in France with a moderately large force of armed men to plunder. »
« In many cases, powerful nobles could field personal armies as large as those of the king, especially since armies were almost always a combination of loyal knights (by definition members of the nobility) on horseback, supplemented by peasant levies and mercenaries. »
« After the end of the Hundred Years' War, English soldiers and knights returned with few prospects at home. »
« Soldiers and knights enlisted in the service of rival noble houses, which eventually fuelled a conflict within the royal family between two different branches, the Lancastrians and the Yorks. The result was a violent conflict over the crown called the War of the Roses, which lasted from 1455 to 1485. »

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