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« Landgrave was a title used in the Middle Ages by certain powerful knights. »
« In 1095, Pope Urban II responded by giving a sermon in France summoning the knights of Europe to holy war to protect Christians in and near the Holy Land. »
« Urban II spoke of the alleged atrocities committed by the Turks, the wealth of the lands that European knights could hope to seize, and the justice of the cause of helping fellow Christians. »
« The idea spread much faster and more thoroughly than Pope Urban could have hoped; knights from all over Europe responded when the news reached them. »
« In 1241 the Mongols invaded Poland and Hungary simultaneously. Here too they triumphed over tens of thousands of European knights and peasants. »
« English kings and knights kept the war going because it was a way to enrich themselves - they would arrive in France with a moderately large force of armed men to plunder. »
« In many cases, powerful nobles could field personal armies as large as those of the king, especially since armies were almost always a combination of loyal knights (by definition members of the nobility) on horseback, supplemented by peasant levies and mercenaries. »
« Thus, at the end of the 15th century, wars were fought differently from the way they had been fought in the Middle Ages. There was still the symbolic core of the king and his elite knights on horseback, but the real tactical utility of cavalry charges began to fade. »
« After the end of the Hundred Years' War, English soldiers and knights returned with few prospects at home. »
« In exchange for protection, they submitted to powerful lords and their armies of knights. »
« Feudal society in Europe was a system of mutual support. Lords owned the land; knights gave military service to a lord and carried out his justice; serfs worked the land in return for the protection offered by the lord's castle or city walls, to which they fled in times of danger from invaders. »
« Religious zeal motivated the knights who participated in the four Crusades. »

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