7 sentences with 'yield'

Example sentences and phrases with the word yield and other words derived from it.

« Thus, the overall yield of edible crops increased dramatically. Likewise, with the increased variety, the actual nutritional content of the food improved. »
« The hard-line doctrine was distressing to Emperor Charles V, who sincerely hoped that the Church would yield on some of the doctrinal issues and thus win back the Protestants in his lands; he even tried to prevent Pope Paul IV from taking office because he was so intransigent. »
« Although more trade-oriented agriculture, something that was already underway in Britain by the mid-18th century, was often experienced as a disaster by peasants and farmers, the fact remains that it increased the total caloric yield of crops at the same time. »
« It was a popular criticism long after the war to vilify the French and British leaders for being willing to yield so much to Hitler when a strong militarised response could have cut through the veil of the Nazi war machine before it was ready for its full-scale assault. »
« One researcher had a bold and novel idea: optimise the milk yield of the species by fertiliser injections, so that within a few years a breed of "super camel" will emerge that will provide enough milk to start populating the deserts. Camels and similar species are transported to Israel to become super-camels. »
« A she-camel capable of producing 40 litres of milk can keep 80 children alive in a day. And this yield can be improved by various techniques. »
« To get to the marrow, the bone that contains it has to be split down the middle. And if the bone is small, the marrow does not yield. Therefore, you must first look for the long bones, those of the extremities. »

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