9 sentences with 'norms'

Example sentences and phrases with the word norms and other words derived from it.

« Gender norms in medieval Europe were based on a combination of centuries-old social traditions, ancient medical theories and biblical norms. »
« Victoria's astonishingly long reign, from 1837 to 1901, coincided with the triumph of bourgeois norms of behaviour among the elite. »
« That society, with its bourgeois norms, its triumphant self-confidence and its deeply ingrained "scientific" social and racial attitudes, was in the process of taking over much of the world at precisely the same time. »
« Similarly, and not only in France, the more stultifying norms and policies related to gender and sexuality in schools and universities were slowly relaxed over time. »
« This latter approach to equitable culture distinguished it from first-wave feminism, which, while certainly aware of sexist cultural norms, had focused on overcoming the most severe legal restrictions on women rather than on cultural change. »
« The first chapter of the block "People and the law" in this book studies the meaning of social norms for young people's lives. »
« These norms are then internalised, i.e. accepted by the new members of society as part of their everyday reality. »
« Institutionalisation - the system of norms and values socially constructed to respond to a certain human need - is what often makes a certain way of carrying out a human activity be considered the only possible one. »
« Through participation in institutions, such as the family and the school, the subject makes the norms and values of society his own, identifies with them and, at the same time, forms his way of thinking, a process that allows him to analyse them and choose whether to accept or reject them. »
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