7 sentences with 'reformed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word reformed and other words derived from it.

« The state's finances were in ruins when Diocletian came to power. To try to solve the problem, Diocletian reformed the tax system and instituted an official census for fiscal purposes. »
« Most of the achievements in the Middle Ages had to do with foreign influences that were taken up and reformed by European thinkers, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to innovations originating in the Islamic empires of southern and eastern Europe. »
« A significant new order in this line was the Carmelites, an order of nuns reformed by St Teresa of Avila from 1535. »
« Napoleon was not only a brilliant general, but also a serious politician with a keen mind for how government needed to be reformed for greater efficiency. »
« In contrast to regular battles, where most of the soldiers lost could be considered captured by the enemy or wounded but not killed, at least 400,000 men lost their lives in the Russian campaign. After this colossal defeat, the anti-French coalition of Austria, Prussia, Britain and Russia was reformed. »
« This hope for a new beginning was not limited to the Soviet Union itself. In October 1956, a reformist faction of the Hungarian Communist Party inspired a mass uprising that called not only for a reformed and more humanist communism, but for the complete expulsion of Soviet forces and "advisors". »
« Samuel Adams, along with Joseph Warren and James Otis, reformed the Boston Committee of Correspondence, which functioned as a form of shadow government, to address fears of British overreach. »

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