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Example sentences and phrases with the word quote and other words derived from it.

« The instructor would read a short passage from the Bible or an early Christian intellectual leader, and then quote various authorities on the meaning of the passage. This was called the "lectio", which simply means "reading". »
« Florentines boasted that even their workers could quote the great poet, and native Florentine, Dante Alighieri (author of The Divine Comedy). »
« Thus, there was a "surplus population" (to quote Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, speaking of the urban poor) of peasants who were available to work in the first generations of factories. »
« However, Laura prefers to quote what the Daily Times of Ely, Nevada, had to say about her: "Her ability to make contact with the audience and her absolute mastery of the piano fascinate the audience". »
« Miss Thompson pulled out of her desk drawer a sheet of paper on which she had jotted down a quote attributed to Daniel Burnham, a Chicago architect. »
« Advocates of this approach recall an illuminating quote from Charles Darwin: "If I were alive again, I would force myself to read poetry and listen to music at least once a week. Then those now atrophied parts of my brain would have remained active". »

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